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Read any good books lately?

13 years ago

I just finished a book called "Goat Song; A Seasonal Life, A Short History of Herding, and the Art of Making Cheese" by Brad Kessler. It's a memoir of Brad and his wife moving from New York City to a small farm in Vermont, buying four goats and learning to make cheese. From the book jacket "... he encounters the pastoral roots of so many aspects of Western culture. Kessler reflects on the history and literature of herding, and how our diet, our alphabet, our religions, poetry, and economy all grew out of a pastoralist milieu among hoofed animals." I enjoyed this book very much.

A similar memoir, but very humorous, is "Coop" by Michael Perry. He is a lifelong farm boy from Wisconsin, and this memoir is about a year on his farm with wife and young family, raising chickens and pigs, while also being a member of the volunteer fire department. I've read all his books and read his blog daily.

Another recent favorite is "Dog On It" by Spencer Quinn which is a book about a private eye and his dog, Chet. The story is told through the viewpoint of the dog. It was so funny and also refreshing to read a book about a dog that doesn't die in the end. He also has a blog that I read daily ( and each day has a couple of paragraphs of an ongoing story.

What books do you recommend?

Here is a link that might be useful: Michael Perry's blog

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