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Read Any Good Books Lately?

Driftless Roots
16 years ago

Orrin got this going in another thread so I'm breaking it out here.

Whatcha been reading?

I just finished the autobiography of Charles Darwin. It was pretty good. Not strictly an autobiography as it was mostly written/assembled by his son from letters, etc. The book was a real insight into this pioneering scientist and really showed what a generally cool person he was.

Also worked in another Terry Pratchett book recently.

Right now I'm reading The Ghost Map by Steven Johnson. It's about the cholera epidemics in 19th C London and how they figured out that it's a water-borne disease. My SO is an epidemiologist so we both get into books like these. It's got some wonderfully interesting asides and paints a pretty interesting picture of a rapidly urbanizing society and the problems that created.

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