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Cherry tree recommendation for Albuquerue

16 years ago

Anyone had much experience keeping a Rainier cherry tree in the Albuquerque area? This is my favority cherry next to Bing, but after reading this article (at the link below) I have a bit of reluctance over how successful one might be in our climate with the spring wind and temps over 90 in June. I don't want to put in the work of cultivating a young tree for a few years until it reaches fruit-bearing age only to find that the sensitivity of the fruit will just mean constant disappointment.

My next choice would be Bing. I have a friend who has a few Stella trees that do well. Any other recommendations for my area would be welcome. I also figure that since I want to plant just one tree, I will eventually do a graft of one or two other varieties onto the main tree that I plant.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rainier cherries are the peak of the crop

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