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UPDATE: Acres edible swap#4 update

18 years ago


I wanted to let all that joined in on the fun of the acres edible swap#4. The deadline was today and the filled mailers will go out the 2ed of February. This years swap was fun as ever. I recieved over 1200 seed packs and mailers from 33 people. I contributed well over 120 seed packs as well as made certain things for all who joined. (It's a suprise). Several of the wish lists were very fun to try to fill. I look forward in hosting next years edible swap. There is already an Acres ALL tomato swap underway for those intersted see round robin forum. Please post here when you recieve your mailer from the Acres edible swap so I know it was returned to you unharmed. Also if you have any other question please email me direct


May all your weeds be wild flowers and you have a bountiful edible garden this year.

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