Bored???Second Annual Bored outa my gourd swap

16 years ago

Christmas is over, are you bored yet? This will be a repeat of last year's Bored outa My Gourd Swap. I'm not bored this year but it was a lot of fun.

Here are the rules:

1, Send me up to 25 packs of LABLED WITH YOUR GW NAME and the name of the seeds. As usual, send as much info as possible on the seeds.

2.Enclose a return address lable and enough postage to return envelope. it will need to be at least as much as it cost to send. Minimum of 60 cents

I will return seeds to you in YOUR envelope.

3,Deadline for mailing to me will be JAN 25,2005

I will return seeds the first week in Feb,

You will get back the number of seed packs you sent plus a bonus from me of Giant Gourd seeds.

4,Anyone else wanting to donate "Bonus" seeds please lable them as "Bonus" and I will distribute them to other swappers.

A copy of your wish list and a list of what you sent are HELPFUL but not REQUIRED. You have a much better chance of getting back seeds you want IF : 1, lable all your seed packets 2, send your wish list. No guarantees because what you get back depends on what everyone sends in.

HAppy Swapping. BB

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