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UPDATE: secret santa seed swap #8, thanks, and still some games

14 years ago

Please post here for thank yous, games, and chatting with friends !!

We are over 1700 cards, and STILL going !!!

Thanks for such a wonderful showing of the "true" meaning of Christmas !!!

(Photobucket is down, sorry for the lack of a picture)

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  • just1morehosta
    13 years ago

    Hubby just came in from mailboxing**
    Two more cards for me with seeds,you guys are way to kind,i thought my receiving was all over:

    From ishareflowers i received:
    Blue Ballon Flower seeds,can't wait to get these started, they are sooooo pretty, i received a plant of them from a dear friend last year.
    Thank you Lisa.and i love the card,pretty snowflakes In a lovely silver envelope.

    From Barb***omg, thank you soooo much**Primula japonica Apple Bloosom Seed,have you guys seen this plant?Beautiful,,i think.
    Thank you Barb.

  • ncgardengirl
    13 years ago

    Carol I had not I just went and looked it up (Primula japonica Apple Blossom Seed) it's pretty I want to start collecting Primulas I think they are all pretty!

    I am so happy that so many of us got and DID actually fullfil some wishes. It just makes things seem so much better!

    :) Fran

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    Thank you booberry85 for the wonderful fabric and the seeds: pansy, cantaloupe, tomatoes, Navajo melon, and spinless okra. Will plant those beautiful pansy seeds today!! Thank you for helping me have a wonderful Christmas. :-) All my big quilts have dark green in them so the fabric is perfect. And yes chemocurl it has been a while since I was on the Test Forum so I did have to peak at my notes to make things red. :-) Pulled all the Christmas decorations out today. GFETE Best to you and many thanks, quiltingfox
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    Jordan and I got to get dirty this morning. "OH COOL" she said when I told her we were going to plant some of the awesome seeds we received. I have been saving up containers to wintersow and we have begun. Jordan loved putting soil into the containers, watering and sprinkling in the seeds...I hope not all the seeds are in once place LOL...oh well she did the best she could. Here is what we planted today: kohlrabi, cauliflower, dill, oriental leaf mix, romaine lettuce, red rock cabbage, freckles lettuce, and as an experiment...Italian market wonder tomatoes and minnesota midget melons. We already did asparagus, leeks, broccoli, garlic chives and alpine strawberries. We will be eating good next year. Again thanks to those who sent us some of the seeds above along with some that will be babied and loved and EATEN next year. I am also starting to save up containers for some of the wonderful flowers sent to us. I just needed to get the food stuff going since this is how I help feed all of us in the summer (6 adults and of course Jordan). It really helps with the finances some and knowing that there is food simply sitting outside the door feels so good. I already have a great corner of our yard picked out the plant the flowers...will have to post some pictures as we get it together. Kym, Jordan has been an exceptionlly good girl this year and is anxiously awaiting Santa. Will let you know when he arrives. XOXOXOXO to all, Kim and Jordan
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    My dad hasn't been able to log in and post for over a week, and he's getting pretty frustrated! He emailed gardenweb but they didn't respond yet. Anyways, he sent me this message because he wanted to thank everyone for all of the cards he received so far, which is a lot! ***THANK YOU FROM GARDENDAD_2K10*** Wow wow WOW - I am just overwhelmed with happiness with all of the cards and seeds I have been receiving! Everyone has been very generous and I am very grateful to you all for this. I have a whole pile of cards that I will be thanking people for, so stay with me. BUSTANI - Christmas tree card with a present inside. I opened the present and out came never-ending seeds. Wow wow WOW! I think they were all hand-drawn on and colored with Christmas sayings. I could see that a lot of work went into packaging these up and I am very grateful. She sent Cherry Bomb Pepper, Catnip and Catgrass (Kitty is very grateful), Sugar Snap Peas, Basil Mix, Blue Lake Bush Bean, Nature Sweet Tomato (LOVE TOMATOES!), and Habenero red & orange mix seeds. Thank you very much. You are more than generous and thoughtful. Merry Christmas! DEBBY_1 - Cat with a Santa hat on sticker was sealing the envelope. Very cute. I got a reindeer card and inside was Pepper long red cayenne and rutgers tomato seeds. Thank you very much! Peppers and tomatoes are my specialty and I can't wait to try these out. Happy Holidays! MOLLY_AND_ME - Candy sticker sealing envelope. I think the card was handmade - very professionally done. You have a great talent! I got seed paper that has Mammoth Sweet Basil embedded in it and some catnip for the kitty. How do you make seed paper? It looks great, I am interested in making some of my own sometime. Very creative person - a lot of time has obviously gone into this card and the seed presentation. Thank you and Merry Christmas! JULIE2112 - 3-D mitten card looks very cool. She sent me tons of seeds, how generous! I got onion 'white sweet spanish', pineapple tomato (wow sounds interesting!), amish paste (Have to look that one up), cauliflower 'snowball' (never grown that before but looking forward to it!), cauliflower 'self blanch', beefsteak tomato (one of my favorites), and Rutgers tomato seeds. Thank you very much - I love them all and will plant them with care. Happy holidays! DIRTDADDY - Very cool Elvis Card along with lots and lots of seeds. I got Parsley Extra Triple Curled, Fish Hot Pepper (his favorite, looks interesting!), Louisiana Red Cayenne, Thai Basil, Mavi Purple Hot Pepper, Tepin Pepper, Wenks Hot Pepper, Dr. Wyche's Tomato, and Lemon Drop Hot Chile Pepper seeds. Wow - I can't thank you enough. It must have taken forever to harvest those seeds - I am very grateful and can't wait to grow these. So many varieties that I have never tried before. Thanks so much and Merry Christmas! RUTHZ - Cool snowman card that says 'let it snow' with some great seeds inside. I got yellow eye bush bean, japone pepper, and...
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    Hi all, I'm behind again. I've got 2 days worth of cards to list. From foreverrecyclereuse I received round cantaulope,Broccoli and Grand Rapids lettuce. sent poppies, chives and Buttercrunch lettuce. Panhandle_seed_swap sent a huge package of foxgloves, I would love to plant each one of them. Tularosa Market melon. Dirt Daddy sent a mother lode. There's moneymaker tomato, White lisbon onion, marigold mix, lettuce mix, Super beefsteak tomato, evergreen long white bunching onion, gourmet blend lettuce, bibb lettuce, Aunt Gertie's gold tomato, German Johnson tomato, Abe Lincoln tomato, and Rutgers tomato. Nikkineel sent a wonderful card with a snowman. I received Castor beans, echinacea cheyenne spirit, Cannibals tomato and zinnia swirls. jhgarden9 sent marigolds, Korean melon, and cucumbers. smitties sent sea holly and sombrero echinacia. and last but not least, roper 2008 sent red barn tomato, pink poppy and red and yellow speckled marigold. All I can say is WOW. To each and every one, thank you very much. Debby
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  • just1morehosta
    13 years ago

    I had a pack sent back to me today,my fault, i put the wrong address,going to "Marion Indiana",i put Marion,Illinois.Sorry,resending tomorrow.

  • markcase1964
    13 years ago

    well, recovering from the hospital stay and I got to open a couple cards:

    Divaheather send me apple gourds and Chinese lanterns.

    a WONDERFUL handmade Christmas card from Dan! Thank you both.

    I have a new appreciation for poppies. That's where morphine comes from! Anyone got seeds???? LOL!

    I have only been home for 1 1/2 now and the pain is starting up again. They told me it would take me a couple weeks to recover fully. No fatty foods. No spicy ones either. What a thing to do to me at this time of year! The mildest spice in my cupboard is jalepeno pepper!

    It was so nice to see so many cards going out.

  • riley17
    13 years ago

    I went mailboxing the last few days and got mostly boring old, non-seed containing Christmas cards. (They were nice, dont get me wrong, but NOT THE SAME!!!lol) So today I was UBER excited when my mom told me all the mail was mine! I got three cards today and so a BIG THANK YOU goes out to...
    bonechickcris- Christy thank you very much for the cabbage and the card was super cute.
    gimpytwice-Sharyl OMG the snoopy card was UBER cool, so was the HUGE pack of millet seeds inside, thank you.
    last but certainly not least, luvgardening2-Nancy you sent some of the most wanted seeds on my list, Thank you!!!
    (totally cool multi-color beans)
    and everyone who I already thanked in previous posts also sent super cute cards, they were all great. THANKS!!!

  • suecirish
    13 years ago

    I got a lovely thank you/Christmas card today from Wenders67. And enclosed were seeds for Joe Pye Weed, a native for which I am developing a great affection for all its variations. Thanks to you too, Wendy; I will be planting these!

  • kerai
    13 years ago

    I got a cute Penguin card with Columbine and Snapdragon seeds from bonechickchris- Christy. Thank you Christy!
    Happy Holidays!

  • Michelle Reynolds
    13 years ago

    I got one today
    I got a home made card from sarah kate and nikkineel
    with red spider zinnias
    I love zinnias of all kinds
    thank you very much for the great seeds
    timmy can't wait he loves bugs and the name was all he needed to hear and he was begging for them so I let him have them for his garden next year afterall I will still get to see them. and prob do the weeding to LOL

    happy holidays

  • graanieb
    13 years ago

    Kym--- you're so kind, wish I could afford to adopt you, smile.

    Seedmama--- I've owed you, thank you for everything.

    Chell--- my daughter lives near you-FtWorth, wished they had snow, temps were a bit low and no clouds. She had strange ice crystals wrap around the plants as if cotton, ever seen it?
    You all get more snow overall, anyway, yesterday was a welcome gift.

    Angela---we got enough to cover all in white, sure did freeze a snowball!
    It melted before the day was over! It's something to see annuals covered with snow.

    Check out images on and WDSU TV6 Best to you all,


  • markcase1964
    13 years ago

    Well, I missed a whole week of teaching, you'll get it! Tonight is the largest full moon of the year. It is perigee. The full moon will look about 10% bigger overhead. Near the horizon, due to optics, it will look about 20% larger than normal! Look in your local paper for moon rise and fall tonight.

    Also, from 3-5 Saturday morning (yea, I did say in the morning!) is a great meteor shower. This one will produce up to 60 streaks per hour tonight.

  • just1morehosta
    13 years ago


    I did notice the moon last night, and i did think it looked bigger,thanks for the info.I will try to get up early enough to see the meteor showers,so cool.

    I know, arent they purdee.You should post them in your want-wish-list.


  • appaloosa909
    13 years ago

    I got a "horsey" christmas card today from Dirtygert!!!! .... LOVE horsey cards :). Thank you so much for the 4 O'Clock seeds.

    Also received a card from Lhmkc with tomato seeds. Again, Thank you so much.


  • divahethr
    13 years ago

    WOWEE!!!I didn't think I was going to receive anymore cards and low and behold I received swan gourds from Luvgardening2!!!! Thank you SO MUCH!!!(I'm truly outta my gourd LOL)
    I received BORAGE from Suecirish(My trading buddy)!!!!(UR the BOMB!!!)
    And Bay Laurel cuttings with extra leaves from BoneChickChris!!! Which is like I can use the leaves for cooking and I have plants too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Secret Santas ROCK!!!
    Thank you Thank you!!!

  • ncgardengirl
    13 years ago

    Yes,, Mr. Case I DID notice the beautiful Moon tonight. Thank you for the Lunar lesson! I hear tonight should be the night when our VERY pregnant lady most folks know (or have seen her name) should have her overdue bundle of love. We shall see!!!
    Again I am sorry you were so sick, glad you are starting to feel better and YES poppies are a great plant...LOL. Do bad yours have worn off!

    Hello are you tonight?

    :) Fran

  • pufftrinket
    13 years ago

    Hi All---

    Sorry I have been out of touch. My hard drive is still down. I was able to hijack hubby's laptop tonight!

    first things first... I am most grateful an happy to have received so many seeds.

    Kiddo sent LA Iris (yellow)

    Proudgm sent ironweed

    suecirish sent Cardinal flower (MOST WANTED, THANK YOU!!!) and boneset.

    spookcharles sent Turtlehead (ANOTHER MOST WANTED, THANK YOU!!!)

    more soon..

  • kellycomposter
    13 years ago

    lhmkc - Thank you so much for the double pink hollyhocks. It warmed my heart which was good because it is getting very cold here. We are supposed to have our first snow here this weekend.


  • crisann
    13 years ago

    hi all,
    I received a card today from ilovefarac with some ipomopsis seeds. Thanks so much!

    I think I am going to have alot less lawn to mow this spring and flower gardens everywhere!!

    We are in a Blizzard Watch right now. The snow is supposed to start tomorrow night -- 8 inches forcasted -- UUGGHH -- anybody want some!?!


  • flwrs4ever
    Original Author
    13 years ago

    ok, email me your answers to ALL of the questions on the game...even if you didnt get them all.

    sorry I am late, I am still having some computer trouble..

    The words hear them ring are found in what Christmas song?

    What were the first tree ornaments?

    A Charlie Brown Christmas first aired in what year?

    What Christmas song would you be listening to if you heard the line "I'd take the seasick crocodile"?

    What was the name of the coach of the Reindeer Games?

    What is the name of the rabbit in the magic hat in Frosty the Snowman ?

    What was the little girl in Frosty the Snowman's name?

    In Frosty the Snowman, what was the name of the magician with the "Magic Hat"?

    In the Christmas Classic, "It's A Wonderful Life", what happened every time a bell rang

    I hope you have enjoyed the has been fun making them..and learning about Christmas !!

  • louisianagal
    13 years ago

    Rec'd today:
    Queen Anne's lace from Becky/proudgm_03
    Cosmos sensation picotee from LaDonna/chitownladyd

  • dirt_under_my_nails
    13 years ago

    Got 2 more yesterday!
    Thanks to.....
    Dan & Bump~ for the lovely handmade card!
    proudgm_03~zinnia yellow & green envy mix,cosmos candy stripe,cosmos solar flare,cosmos cosmic orange,cosmos ladybird scarlet,cosmos psyche,cosmos white sensation,& mars marigold!!! Thanks a heap!!!!


  • msmacgyver
    13 years ago

    Wooohooo I got another card today. I really didnÂt expect to get anymore. Kym said everyone got at least five and IÂd already gotten my five. But today I got one from

    Suze62. It was so sweet of you to send me seeds even though you didnÂt think you had anything on my wish list. You must be psychic! Even though I didnÂt list it IÂve always wanted them so I was absolutely thrilled to get the Big Leaf Hostas seeds. I canÂt wait to plant them. Yippy! Thank You Thank You Thank You. A big thank you for the Shasta daisy and winter squash seeds as well.

    Angela HannahÂs story touched my heart. What wonderful news. I hope she doesnÂt grow too quickly and can enjoy her wonderful freedom for a long time. Your heart must swell everything you see her run.

    Terry thanks for sharing your pictures. You have a beautiful smile:)
    I loved looking at all your flowers.

    Betsy you have a Beautiful smile too. GREAT looking snowman!! Love that hat.
    Mark I did see the moon and it was awesome. IÂm either up all night or get up early so I may just get to see the meteor shower.

    Thanks Again Kym. This is just awesome.

  • soonergrandmom
    13 years ago

    Yeh for Hannah......and two YEHs for Hannah's Mom.
    Someone wanted see Angela's Hummingbird Card. This is not a perfect copy since I had to make it a little darker to show up. Much of it is intricate cuts with the color showing through from underneath. Didn't she do a good job?

    Here is a link that might be useful:

  • princess_ariel
    13 years ago

    Hi everyone~~Ariel and I are so glad we join this wonderful swap!We has so much fun making cards and packing seeds for others, and boy~ you should see when she got an envelop with her name on it~ she was screaming form the top of her lungs yelling"I got one I got one!!"
    we want to thanks to this swap for giving us an oppertunity to be an elf.We also want to thank to

    Miss Kimmie

    thank you all for the cards and seeds you sended.

  • taz56
    13 years ago

    I recieved another card today!
    Thank you so much! Pam ptp813
    sent me hibiscus seeds!!!!!!!!
    Susan/taz56 :)

  • ishareflowers {Lisa}
    13 years ago

    Good morning all!

    I got two more cards, they were a nice pick me up after having two deaths in the family this week.

    I got one from ilovefarac, she sent me tidy tips, I love these in photos and planted them last year but they never came up.

    Thank you Melinda for giving me a second chance at growing them!

    The other was from Rhinda(rbrady) she sent me white snakeroot,yellow columbine,blue columbine,jacobs ladder and touarea painters pallet(i have to look this one up)

    Rhonda, thank you so much for sharing some of your shady garden favories!

    This swap had been so much fun!

    Have a great day

  • plant-one-on-me
    13 years ago

    What to my wondering eyes did appear??? Another card! We were so excited with the cards we already received and yesterday there was another!!! Thanks Ellie/aphrodite laughs for the wonderful lettuce and rainbow carrots.

    This has been the bestest Christmas ever! Kim & Jordan

  • jaleeisa
    13 years ago

    I received another card yesterday! I was so excited to see it! It was from Louise (louisianagal) and she sent me some dwarf okra seed! I really have wanted these, though they weren't on my list! They work great pickled! Thank you so much!!

    I was wondering, are these the green pod or the red pod? Because now I'm gonna have to get the other one for the color contrast!

  • flwrs4ever
    Original Author
    13 years ago

    Kim, there is something on the way for Jordan...

    I want to let you all know I will be out this afternoon, so I have made a new thread for when this one is full ( or I will in just a second..LOL) PLEASE finish posting here...and then go over to the new one !!

    Bonechickenchris...thanks for the cute card, and autumn beauty sunflowers, I cant wait to get the garden going !

    I want to thank Lisa aka Ishareflowers....for helping my family..and you are right, each little bit sure helps and adds up.( I just love the snowflakes BTW, thanks)

    I also want to thank playintheyard for helping my family, and for the cute card !

    I have received 1.00 anywhere to 25.00 and it isnt the is the thought behind it...that SOOO means the world to me.....and now I feel I have to do the best I can with each blessed dollar. Hugs to all that have given to so many ways....esp with this being hard for so many people, it has touch me in more ways then I can say.

    If you played the 12 days of Christmas please send the answers in an email...

    Any last minute bingo players out there ???? HURRY, and send me your list of words....

  • jas_il
    13 years ago

    I got two more cards and I am excited.

    Proudgm03 (Becky) - sent me Allyssum (carpet of snow- commercial packet), two types of celosia and Wave Petunia. Wow! I really wanted it and I am so glad. Becky Thank you so much.

    Bonechickchris (Christy) has sent me a very beautiful card and another most wanted wish Okra (clemson spineless - commercial packet) seed. Christy thanks a lot.

    Kym thank you for hosting the swap. It was really nice.


  • anadarko_rose
    13 years ago

    Got another card today from "bonechickchris" with a pack of Crackerjack Marigold seeds. Thought the cards had all stopped was so happy to get another.
    Thanks to everyone for the congrats on the new grandson,
    Sean Liam born on 12/9. Unfortunately they live in PA and us in OK. We will be leaving to go out there next Sunday so I can hold that little bundle of joy.

  • msmacgyver
    13 years ago

    anadarko_rose Congrats on your bundle of joy. I hope you have a safe trip and enjoyable trip. I see lots of hugs in your future.

    Kym Girl you rock. I am one of those people who go out hunt down and drag home bargins but if they gave out awards for the best shopper you would take the prize. If you keep that up you will surely make Christmas special for your family.

  • sybilkrizinski
    13 years ago

    Thanks so much to Melanie and Ann for my great seeds. You guys are the best! Sybil

  • playintheyard
    13 years ago

    Hi everyone,
    Enjoying the mailboxing? A few days ago I recieved a card from proudgm 03-Becky thank you so much! 9 seed packs!!
    Mgs,cleome,balsams,red cypress vine,celosia and Larkspur Imperial Mix(big score) & 4 varieties of marigolds! very generous of you!


  • ishareflowers {Lisa}
    13 years ago


    I felt like it wasn't enough but if everyone sent that it would make for a great xmas, as I told you my hubby got laid off the day before thanksgiving and that put a little damper on my holiday spending. This economy stinks!

    On a happier note..... I got another card!

    This one was from Nancy"luvgardening2> She sent me a brand new package of angel choir poppies! I wanted these for my two memorial gardens, I'm delighted to have them! Thank you Nancy!!!!

    Have a good day

  • agirlsgirl
    13 years ago

    I am getting worried about 2 packages I sent out. Everyone else I sent to either emailed me privately or posted here they received from me. But these two,I am worried about. I have noticed one of the two posting as she receives,so I know it isn't that she just isn't reporting it.The other I haven't noticed posting so maybe she has received and just hasn't let anyone know. When can I email these people and inquire if they received? I don't want to ruin any surprises,but both of these were bubble envies containing 12 or more packs of seeds and I am worried they didn't make it to their destinations! :O

    Angela,I am so happy for your little Hannah! It is terrible what she had to go through in the past,I hope the future brings comfort and freedom for her! Hugs to that brave little soul! :)

    Kym,you really got some great deals! When you come back for a visit, we need to make sure we get to the flea market

  • rbrady
    13 years ago

    Have no fear Angie, the mailman was here! ROFLMBO! Thank you Angie/agirlsgirl! She sent me a present, 14 packs of seeds! Holy Cow, I hit the jackpot today! She sent me all of the following: 4 types of Penstemon (a new interest), 3 types of Asters (I love Asters!), 2 types of petunias, Lupine Morello Cherry, Trailing Snapdragons, Red Castor Bean, Tahoka Daisy, and Arctotis venusta. I love them all! Thank you for sharing so many great seeds! And thanks to everyone for making this so much fun and for making this such a special holiday!


  • plant-one-on-me
    13 years ago

    Jordan and I were making some cookies when we heard the clunk of the mailbox...Jordan wanted to see if SHE got any more cards and seeds. I told her that we already received all the cards from our friends but wouldn't you know it!!! She got a card all for herself from Lisa/ishareflowers with bunny tails, lions tail, blue eyed daisy and gomphrena. While Jordan is taking her nap I am going to see if these can be wintersown...we've been doing a few and now have lots more seeds to get started!

    We also received 2 more cards also. From Christy/bonechickchris we got jack-o-lantern, black seeded simpson lettuce and mesclum salad mix...we will for sure wintersow the lettuces! From Melinda/ilovefarac we received some American Flag leeks that we will winter sow also today...btw Jordan loves flags so she thought these were "cool".

    Just to let everyone know...Jordan loves the cards so much and "reads" them to me everytime she is here. She makes up wonderful stories about the pictures and tells me what they are "saying". Her stories usually start with "Santa Claus is coming to town and Jordan has been a good girl". She then says she wants 3 things like the Christmas baby (Jesus). All she asks for is a train, paint and a shovel. Good thing santa was able to get those simple requests for her. She is a great helper inside and especially outside in the yard.

    Once again, thank you all for the wonderful Christmas so many are enjoying. Kym you are so incredible to have made this such a special time of year!

    Kim & Jordan

  • graanieb
    13 years ago

    Agreed, Kym ---you've no idea this'll turn out as special as it has been. Kim, can only imagine Jordan's enthusiasm, worth the participation.

    Angela, you're extra talented, must've taken a while to make these beautiful cards, seed packets are unique-pull the back tab to open. It's the same card as in the image above--Hummingbirds. Wow!
    Seeds for collards and Bloomsdale spinach, too.
    Appreciate and love the gesture and all, but honestly, I'd have been grateful just hearing the good news, smile, you understand what I mean, hope you keep counting the blessings,waited a long time.

    Becky-Proudgm--thank you for the nice card, Sunflowers Velvet Queen and ROS white with red eye.

    Kathy--Jaleeisa---thank you for the nice note, card, ROS mix and Anemone Sylvestris.

    Something the way all take extra time to check on our wants.

    Just asked my daughter to get me more stamps, Christmas won't get postponed for me, smile.

    Well wishes from the heart,


  • auntnawnee
    13 years ago

    I recieved today from dirtygert,seeds for black krim tomato.From bonechickchris came giant of italy parsley.And from ishareflowers came seeds for black cumin and peter pepper...All sent pretty cards..
    Thanks for your generosity...GW'ers must be the nicest people in the world...I think this coming spring is going to find a lot of us very happy tending to the new seeds we recieved from our secret santas...This has been the most enjoyable Xmas that I have had in years.Bless you all...Dawn

  • medontdo
    13 years ago

    Hello everyone!! it is such a great day today!! windier than heck!! i first of all would to thank everyone for the seeds!!
    Angelady- the most beautiful handmade card that talla is NOT getting!! **grinn** mckanna's columbine giants, kiwi

    Luvingtogarden-heirloom italian kale, bloomsdale longstanding spinach.

    proudgmo3-yard long pole bean, lime basil, pepper grand bell mix,arugula rocket, sweet fennel, pepper sweet banana, sweet cream marigold, crape myrtle parent was pink, african marigold, baby's breath, marigld queen sophia, cleome lilac, hollyhock chater's double violet, hollyhock black.

    Thank you all so much!! these were so very awesome!! the cards were so cool too!! that girl of mine is building quite a stach!! LOL i was gonna post a pic but i see someone already did!! now i just need to know how you did that with a link!! that is way too awesome!! **big smile**

    if anyone has any brussell sprouts and if they are wierd colored that is cool! but i'd love some, that is the only thing i totally DON"T have :'" of course tabor say's YAY!! but i have to feed them some good food!! since i took them off the vitamins and give them only vege's and fruit, they haven't caught colds and their allergies have been lessened the year befor last, and this year talla hasn't had to take any of the allergy pills, she used to have to take them all the time!! so hey, who knew that one doctor was right?? **big grinn** ihope you all are having a Happy Holidays!! Many Many """Hugs>>> ~Medo

    Here is a link that might be useful: Barehanded Totally Nutso Gardener!! **Big Grinn**

  • angelady777 (Angela) - Zone 6
    13 years ago

    Lisa - I am so sorry for your losses. I had no idea... will be praying for your whole family. On top of that, I pray your husband gets an even better job very soon.

    Thanks, everyone for your wonderful comments. I also see more of my cards are being received! Yea!

    Soonergrandmom, I see you got one of my "practice" cards. LOL I got better as I went. I didn't look at names when I picked up the card so no big thought went into who got the perfect cards and who didn't, but I sure wasn't throwing away a card to redo it! LOL On some of the latter cards, I colored the hummingbird and flower background much more like the real thing and the calligraphy was a bit better, too. I still hope you enjoyed it as it seems you did!


  • ncgardengirl
    13 years ago

    Someone mentioned ppl not posting. I hope nothing is wrong to stop a person that I sent to in CA from posting.
    If there isn't a reason, I think it is so disppointing to NOT post that you at least received. (If you are ill I am sorry post when you can)
    It is nice to acknowlegde at least you received whether you list what you got or not, although I think that is even better listing the seeds as well.
    GIVE CREDIT to the person for who and WHAT you received. That is just common courtesy, if for some reason you can't post what then at LEAST give credit to whom it was that sent you something.
    That person didn't have to take their valuable time to send anyone anything but they did and for some it took them HOURS to do it, some even took from their personal stash just so YOU could have a few of YOUR wants too.
    BE KIND and repay with a thank you to whomever it was you received from, is that too much to ask?

    OK, off the soap box.

    Last night I watched a house just across the highway burn. I don't know the people, they really live across a 4 lane HIGHWAY from me, but the way our place sits we could see the top and part of the front of the home and the flames were so bright coming out of the roof. We heard the sirens and bunches and bunches of Firetrucks swarming their home. I watched for about a minute as my heart went out to that family, and I had to come back in, I am not a gawker of tradegy. It was one of the nicest brick homes in this neighborhood. I don't know how much it burnt, I haven't been able to bring myself to go look today.
    I just feel for that family, whomever they are. I can't imagine what they lost. I hope everyone got out, I don't know that either. All I know is it broke my heart and I am still having to choke back tears.
    It is too close to Christmas for this kind of thing to happen. It is terrible. It is bad anytime, but to me losing everything around the Holidays is more so, esp. Christmas time, SO please add this family whomever they are to your pray list.
    Thank you all,

  • quiltingfox
    13 years ago

    It is good to know that the GardenWeb is full of good-hearted people. Wishing everyone the best this holiday season. Would like to thank a couple of Secret Santas:

    Louisianagal - yellow daylilies :-)

    Ilovefarac - gaillardia goblin, yellow mg, vinca pastel blends :-)

    Can't wait to add these to my garden either WSing or spring planting.

    Best to you and yours this holiday season,

  • riley17
    13 years ago

    Yay!!! I got another one today! This one is from Melinda
    - ilovefarac she sent me mock orange and white millet. Thank you Melinda! Does anyone happen to know what zones mock orange is hardy to? I got some from another santa also, but I appologize, I dont know who they were from. I know I already thanked the person on a previous post, but I didnt post who sent what because everything fell out all over the place. SORRY!

  • proudgm_03
    13 years ago

    I got a wonderful card and pacific giant delphiniums and a generous amount of lupine seeds from lhmkc. Thank you so much. I have been wanting to try lupines for a long time. Do you happen to know what color they are?

  • ishareflowers {Lisa}
    13 years ago


    Don't panic about the two that haven't gotten cards or packages yet. I have people getting cards now that I sent in my first batch well over a week ago. Some people have posted about getting my second batch and still firsts haven't made it to their new homes. I'm thinking it's the postal service being busy due to xmas cards. I sent my third batch and I see that Jordan got her card already! go figure!!!

  • patrushka
    13 years ago

    anadarko rose congrats on your first grandchild. What a wonderful Christmas gift.

    angelady I'm so glad to hear that Hannah isn't in pain and is able to run and play and enjoy herself.

    ncgardengirl I'm so sorry to hear about your neighbors. My heart goes out to them. I pray that they are all safe. My mother and brother had a fire last year on Dec. 14th. Thankfully they both got out safely.

  • medontdo
    13 years ago

    OHHHH Fran, i'm praying for those people!! this is a sad time of the year for fires, people leave thier space heaters on, or they leave candles to close to their beds, curtains, and such, and people never think to clean out their heaters, you have to get them done professionally, they take the casing off and vaccum it. and i tell you, it's worth it for your house to not burn down, and for those of you who have fireplaces and wood burning stoves, our neighbor had his house burned down, because he didn't get it cleaned out, he said every year he had cleaned the pipe/flu cleaned. but this year "which was a few years ago> he didn't and that's when his house burnt. he had lots of stuff that he could never replace, like heirloom rifles, and bullets from ww 2, i don't remember all the other good things he had lost. so ya have to think about all that that the ins co won't replace. but that's all i have to sadly say about that. :'"

    don't worry girly's about the seeds not recieved yet, sometimes, they get stuck in the trucks overhead part, and the truckdrivers don't know till the next stop then they'll get a driver who'll actually clean the whole thing out! w a broom!! my mom tells me about this when i worry about my seeds, LOL
    Angela i'm so glad about Hannah!!
    lets just hope that the people who aren't posting arent' sick!! i have a couple more to send out, sorry i'm so late on them, these two are waiting for something special, so you'll have to be a little patient, sorry!! but i am very very positive you'll love what i'm sending **very very onery smile** ~Medo

    Here is a link that might be useful: Barehanded Totally Nutso Gardener!! **Big Grinn**

  • flwrs4ever
    Original Author
    13 years ago

    Angie, dont worry too much about the envies, give it some more time...some of the ones mailed on the very first day took just over a week to be recieved...If not after 10 days or so then I would email them.

    Lisa, Like I really is the kindness that makes it all mean sooo much more to me...It was more then enough, and soo appreciated..esp knowing how hard this will season will be for so many others.

    I would love to take you all shopping with me...LOL Funny thing is ...I am not a big shopper...but I do my best to stretch the money as far as I can.

    Today we went into Bed and bath....since they sent me a 10.00 coupon....for a 30.00 I bought for my daughter, and her cousin...they had a 3 get 2 we spent 20.00 and got 54.00 worth of gifts...

    I hope I can keep doing as well...

    ok, this thread has reached its please come to the new one.

    if you have trivia answers please email them to me...and bingo started today !!

  • kiddo
    13 years ago

    Oh my! I thought the secret santa was over and then what appears: a mail box full of christmas cards and yes they did bring tears .So thank you so much Becky for every color cosmos know to man.And thank you alma for the sunflower seeds ,and the milkweed that will look grand.Thank you to ilovefarac melinda for the baby breath that takes my breath away.And suze62 for thegreeting and for shasta daisy.For all of you on gareden web Have a Blessed Christmas day!