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Small shrub recommendation for shady spot

15 years ago

This will be in a corner of the backyard, with a 6' fence on the east and south sides, and the house is to the west of it, so it will be in a mostly shady, somewhat sheltered location. It will be a focal point, and needs to be taller than it is wide, say maybe 5'H x 3'W. Any suggestions? I need to decide quickly, before DH changes his mind about me digging up more sod, LOL. Oh, and nothing pink or blue, please.

Oh, and a couple of other completely unrelated questions. Do Garlic Chives show up later than the regular Chives? The Chives are starting to poke their heads up, but no sign of the Garlic Chives. Just wondering if I should sow some more, or give it more time.

Also, how early do you guys start moving your perennials around? The snowpack is gone, but the soil is pretty wet still, so I know I have to let it dry a bit. Do you wait until there is new growth, or go ahead and do it while they are dormant?

Thanks for letting me pick your brains a bit : )


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