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Just want to say hello and introduce myself

12 years ago

Hi everyone! I've been gardening off and on for quite a few years with different interests and emphasis. I live in a small house on a small lot in the burbs. It definitely feels like a cottage. But I have learned to make use of the small spaces I have and through trial and error I have found what works in the little microclimates of my garden spaces around the house. This year I have "reclaimed" the potentially best space I have which is my south facing side and until recently has been a paved RV pad. However, we have never owned an RV. Dear husband does not have the same vision as I do for taking out the concrete, but after showing him what square foot gardening is all about, he has built me my first raised bed with promises of at least two more before the summer. I'm already enjoying my lettuce harvests. This may all be above ground and in containers and raised beds but I do believe I can create the look and feel of a potager before too long.

I'm envisioning a layout of several raised bed boxes, a variety of dwarf citrus trees in containers, vines and/or espaliers going up the tall fence, containers of things on wheels which can be moved and adjust as conditions change, a gas fire pit with seats that can be brought around, and strung white lights criss crossing overhead between house and fence. In the summer the best time to be on this side of the house is before 8am and after 8pm. If this plan works (and I know it will) I will have made user friendly a large portion of my small 6000 square foot lot.

I'm buying a camera at CostCo today so I'll be able to share pictures of my progress. I look forward to getting to know people here on this forum. I've already gained so much inspiration from the pictures many people have posted.


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