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Spring Garden Plantings so far

18 years ago

I have Calendulas up and Chamomile. The Hollyhocks from last year are up and getting really big. I sowed 5 additional kinds of Hollyhocks. Most of them are up. I've planted leeks, parsley, garlic, and set out onions sets. I planted purple cabbages & PacMan Broccoli, and sowed Mr. Majestic Marigolds seeds, Spinach, Mesclun salad greens, and Old Mexican Zinnias; I sowed some Contendor Bush Beans, cherry radishes and white icicle radishes and some Zucchini Squash.

I've planted Beefmaster tomatoes, Romas, Sweet 100s, Juliet tomates, Pink Brandywines, Snow White grape tomatoes and Delicious tomatoes. The Shirley Poppues are up in great profusion and California poopies as well. I sowed Sweet Alyssum, Cilatro and three kinds of Basil and am delighted to say that the basil is already up and smelling good! - Spicey Globe, Genovese & Lemon basil! I have Lime basil, Old-Time Sweet, Cinnamon and Thai yet to sow. Mmmm...I love basil and making fresh Pesto! There will be more zinnias, dahlias, cosmos, heleniums and other flowers.

Because of the mildness of our winter this year, my Lemon Grass did not die! There are new green blades growing out of the dried ones. Both of the French Tarragon plants wintered fine and are up and growing.

I have picked three messes of asparagus already. The strawberries are beginning to bloom - big blooms for big berries. I have Ozark Beauty and Cardinals. These make huge, sweet, juicy strawberries.

It's growing and going! Can't wait!

What's in your Garden so far?


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