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What have you done so far this spring?

12 years ago

I have gone into full garden mode and am wondering what other Canadians are up too in the garden?

This is what I am up to.

I have two heated trays for starting seeds in.

A grow light stand we put together this year. $20 metal shelf and 4 sets of two lights. We have a total of 6 seed tray full of plants at all times. As a 9 pack cell of plants get to big, I transplant them into bigger containers and the cell pack gets new seeds in it.

All the larger plants are put into south facing windows.

When they get to big for the windows, they start getting hardened off and put outside every morning.

My cold weather crop may start to get put outside? In the ground, possibly under a portable green house. Have not decided.

My soil is sandy loam so it dries out quick, so I can dig now if I want. Tilling the soil is good because it kills overwintering bugs.

I did plant some peas outside yesterday.

That is pretty well it for now I think.

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