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Calathea problems, please help

12 years ago

I'm somewhat new to plants. I purchased a calathea (peacock plant) a couple weeks ago and I am now experiencing a host of problems. Please help me.

1. The leaves are browning in spots....I concluded that it must be a fungal infection and sprayed it with an organic fungacide last week. The brown spots keep happening. See photo.

(I also noticed, when the calathea folds up for the evening, that the stems on the back of the leaf also seem to be damaged.)

2. A few days ago, I noticed tiny (barely visible) white bugs crawling on the leaves. I'm not sure what they are...they don't quite look fuzzy enough to be mealy bugs and they move around too fast to be aphids. Can anyone help me? I purchased Bayer sticks but that is not arriving for two days.

I'm devestated that my beautiful calathea is having so many problems...

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