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Piper Nigrum... HELP!!!

9 years ago

Hoping someone can help.... I have a VERY healthy piper nigrum vine I bought at the beginning of the season. It has flourished all year, including starting to produce flower buds by the end of the summer. I have always heard they would take several years to make fruit, so one can imagine my excitement.
Then, here in 7b, the temps have started to dip at night, so I have brought pepper inside, into a small greenhouse I can keep nice and warm. I keep it humid and mist it every other day, and flower buds have continued to grow.
HOWEVER, it's like they grow to a certain point, about an inch and half, then weaken at the base and fall off. But it's still making new buds. It's also putting out runners like crazy.
Does anyone know what could be causing my flower buds to fall off?

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