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Growing peppercorn plants (piper nigrum)...

16 years ago

I ordered some peppercorn seeds from Reimer a few weeks back. They're cheap enough that if I never get them to grow, I won't feel cheated. Anyway, I don't know exactly what I expected when they arrived... I've seen peppercorns (unground pepper) before, and I realized they were (at least partially) the seed itself. The seeds look pretty much like any other peppercorn, though hopefully more viable.

I planted 4 for now, I've got them in plastic yogurt cups, a quarter inch deep in good black soil (I believe it was a 50/50 mix of some cheap potting soil and Moo-nure from Home Depot). I keep them moist, using a spray bottle, the soil never gets dry but it does drain well. So far, it's been over two weeks and not even a hint of germination.

Does anyone have any advice? Am I just being impatient?

Supposing I do get them to grow, I was thinking of putting them in a 1 gallon plastic planter (about 9" dia, 12" deep) and using one of the round wire cages as a trellis. The one I have for this is roughly 40" tall... will this be tall enough? I had thought that would be plenty for my snap peas, but they needed more, and I end up repeating the same mistake with every vining plant I try to grow.

What kind of lighting will these plants need? Can I keep them in the partial shade indoors near a window? How long will they live, will I have to plant new ones each season?

I'd like very much to grow my own pepper if I can. I do know that Georgia probably isn't the ideal location for them, but I'm willing to try to reproduce an environment that the plants favor.

Finally, one last question. Supposing I'm mostly successful, what kind of yields can I expect per plant?

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