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Favorite Veggie Varieties for Oklahoma

Okiedawn OK Zone 7
12 years ago

After I posted the list of OSU-recommended vegetable varieties, Charlie wanted a more personalized list of the 'others'.

So, for Charlie, here's some of my favorites based on performance, flavor and, sometimes, sentimental reasons like 'my Dad always liked this one'.

I hope you other gardeners who are reading this will list your favorites as well.


Lima: Willowleaf White, Speckled Butterpea, Christmas, Fordhook 242

Bush Snap: Contender, Provider, Top Crop, Romano, Royalty Purple Pod, Tanya's Pink Pod, Borlotto de Vigevano,

Pole Snap: Musica, McCasland, Rattlesnake, Louisiana Purple Pod, Kentucky Wonder, Miracle of Venice, Supermarconi, Garrafal Oro,

BEETS: Cylindra, Chioggia, Burpee's Golden,

For young greens to eat in salads: Bull's Blood

BROCCOLI: Packman is head and shoulders above all the rest. Small Miracle and Munchkin if space is tight.

BRUSSELS SPROUTS (for fall only): Long Island Improved (ala Catskill)

CABBAGE: Early Dutch Flat, Gonzales, Caraflex, Early Jersey Wakefield, Red Acre

CARROTS: Red-cored Chantenay, Little Fingers, Thumbelina, Danvers 126, Amarillo, Cosmic Purple, Short 'n Sweet, Scarlet Nantex

CAULIFLOWER: Early Snowball

COLLARD GREENS: Georgia Southern, Vates

CORN: Early Sunglow, Texas Honey June, Merit, Silver Queen, Shoepeg (aka Country Gentleman), Black Aztec, Kandy Korn (and all Triplesweet types are yummy)

COWPEAS/BLACKEYE PEAS: Pinkeye Purplehull, Knuckle Purplehull, Six Week Purplehull, Mandy (aka Big Red Ripper), Texas Pinkeye, Scarlet Red


Slicing: Lemon, Fanfare, Sweet Success, Saladbush

Pickling: Boston Pickling, National Pickling, Arkansas Little Leaf H-19, Homemade Pickles

EGGPLANT: Fairy Tale, Hansel, Gretel, Rosa Bianca, Ping Tung Long, Listada de Gandia, Long Green

KALE: Vates, Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch, Red Russian

KOHLRABI: Early Purple Vienna, Early White Vienna

LETTUCE: Bloomsdale Longstanding, Red Sails, Red Salad Bowl, Little Gem, Paris Island Cos, Buttercrunch

MELONS: Jumbo Hale's Best, Pike, Green Machine (aka Ice Cream), Rocky Ford (aka Eden's Gem), Collective Farm Woman, Charentais, Canoe Creek Colossal, Jenny Lind, Schoon's Hardshell, Piel de Sapo (aka Toadskin)

MUSTARD GREENS: Southern Giant Curled, Tendergreen

OKRA: Clemson Spineless 80, Cowhorn 22, Hill Country Red, Stewart's Zeebest, Green Velvet

ONION: Texas Supersweet 1015Y, Candy, Contessa, Superstar, Southern Belle Red, Yellow Granex

PEAS: Little Marvel, Wando, Sugar Snap, Super Sugar Snap, Mammoth Melting Sugar Snow Pea


Jalapenos: TAM Mild, Grande', Mucho Nacho, Biker Billy, Ixtapa

Habanero: standard Orange Habanero, Fatali (yellow), White Habanero, Brown Habanero, Peach Habanero, Mustard Habanero

Sweet Bells: Blushing Beauty, Roumanian Rainbow, Yolo Wonder, Super Heavyweight

Others: Anaheim NuMex Joe E. Parker, Alma Paprika, Serrano, Sweet Banana, Jimmy Nardello's Italian Frying Pepper

POTATOES: Yukon Gold, Cobbler, All-Blue, All-Red, Adirondack Red, Adirondack Blue, Norland Red, Kennebec, Russian Banana, Austrian Peanut, French Fingerling, Rose Finn Apple, Purple Peruvian

RADISH: French Breakfast, Scarlet Globe, Pink Beauty, White Icicle, White Hailstone, Purple Plum

SPINACH: Bloomsdale Longstanding

SUMMER SQUASH: Early Prolific Yellow Straightneck, Yellow Crookneck, Dixie, Cocozelle, Costata Romanesco, Raven, Magda

SWEET POTATO: Vardaman, Centennial, Jewel, Porto Rico, Beauregard

SWISS CHARD: Five Color Silverbeet, Ruby Red, Lucullus, Neon Lights

TOMATO: (you've seen so many of my long tomato lists by now that I'll keep this simple and list the most reliable producers)

Early: Early Girl, Bush Early Girl, Better Bush, Fourth of July, Sophie's Choice, Glacier, Mountain Princess

Mid: Jaune Flammee', Celebrity, Better Bush, Beefmaster, Big Beef, Little Lucky, Momotaro, Russian Persimmon, Dr. Wyche's Yellow, Rutgers, Better Boy, Nebraska Wedding, Lemon Boy, Black Krim

Late: Porter, Porter Improved, Mortgage Lifter, Supersonic, Traveler 76/Arkansas Traveler, Ramapo, Moreton, Stump of the World, Bradley Pink, Heidi, San Marzano Redorta

Cherry: SunGold, Black Cherry, Sweet Million, Rose Quartz, Tomatoberry

Grape: Grape, Ildi

Currant: Tess's Land Race Currant, Coyote


TURNIPS: Purple Top White Globe


Space-savers: Blacktail Mountain, Yellow Doll, Sugar Baby, Bush Sugar Baby,

Regular: Moon and Stars, Yellow Belly Black Diamond, Black Diamond, Yellow Flesh Black Diamond, Willhite's Tastigold, Crimson Sweet


Pumpkins: Seminole, Lumina White, Small Sugar Pie, Winter Luxury Pie, Long Island Cheese, Tan Cheese Pumpkin

Winter Squash: Waltham Butternut, Baby Butternut, Early Butternut, Marina di Chioggia, Red Warty Thing (aka Victor), Green-striped Cushaw, Golden Hubbard, Bush Table Queen, Bush Delicata

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