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Gardeners Favorite, Veggie Seed SWAP

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

This will be a group swap of non hybrid and non GMO seeds. Mostly veggies but OK to include some herbs too.

If you grow something that your family loves to eat this is a chance to share the seeds and try someone else's favorites.

One of the benefits of non hybrid varieties is that you can save the seeds and so save money too.

Be sure your seed are clean and dry before you package and ship them.

Here is the plan:

You will send small packets of your favorite veggie seeds. Enough for the new grower to "TRY IT" Approx 20 to 25 seeds for things like beans, peas, turnips onions.

8 to10 seeds for things like tomaotes, peppers, melons.

Each packet must be labeled with your name, Houzz member name, specific name of seed type and info you may have to share about the plants. Most can be found on line for basic growing instructions no need to include the available info.

Limit of 25 packs with up to five of one kind.

You must ship to me by Jan 5th 2018 so I can get them sorted and returned by the end of Jan.. Send same amount of postage for return as it cost to mail to me. Any excess postage will be returned.

No guarantee on what you will get as it depends on what is sent in but I guarantee at least the same number of packets as you sent. OK to state preferences and I'll do the best I can

QUESTIONS????? speak out.

Hope this will be fun and start something new so we get to try a variety of new types of goodies for our tables

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