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My eyes were to big for pepper garden dreams

14 years ago

Well, I knew I started a lot of peppers for the space I intended to plant them. But when I actually began to plant them out I knew I was in way over my head. I just started to cram them together. It is going to be a jungle in my garden.

I'll take this as a learning experience and hope to reduce the number of plants for next year. My problem is I always want to try new types. I have to have my jalapenos. And then I am trying out a the red Caribbean and a scotch bonnet both from Fiedlermeister. Also this year I am trying several mild chilies from Feidlermesiter and Smokemaster along with several bell peppers. I like the sweet ones too. But if I can find some sweet and mild chillies to replace the bells I will. This is part of the reason I have so many plants. I think of it as the shotgun approach to finding peppers I like.

Last year I tried several that were way to hot for me to eat, I'll have to work on that. So I decided then that I needed to scale down the heat on a bunch so that they weren't just ornamental plants.

I still have 8 plants left, but I don't think they will make it into the ground.

Sorry no pictures as of yet.


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