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A Roadrunner in the Yard

Okiedawn OK Zone 7
14 years ago

We have abundant wildlife here, and I thought I'd seen it all in our yard at one point or another, but today we have a new visitor.....a roadrunner!

I stepped outside shortly after noon, and there he was in the "wildlife feeding area", and he was having a little henscratch/suflower seeds.

The wildlife feeding area is a flat open area between the detached garage/barn and the barbed-wire fence between our place and the neighbors to the south. Every morning, I fill up two "wildlife puddles" there (about 6' long by 2' to 3' wide and about 6" deep) so that the wild things have water to drink now that the creeks are drying up, or already have dried up, and many of the ponds have dried up as well. I also make 3 piles of henscratch/extra cracked corn/black oil sunflower seeds, mostly for the doe and the twin fawns she brings to the yard every morning and every evening. Then, the rabbits, birds, squirrels, etc. get whatever the deer leave behind.

I also have bird feeders and piles of these seeds near the veggie garden to attract wild birds to that area....they come to eat the seeds and drink from the birdbath there, but they usually hang around and pick the garden clean of bugs too.

We've had just about every kind of wild animal in the yard that you could ever hope to see.....including some I didn't want to see (panther and cougar, and a mama skunk with 4 babies). This is, though, the first roadrunner I've ever seen in the yard. He (she?)ran off into the neighbor's pasture, but I didn't see any sign of his (her?) pal, Wile E. Coyote, nor did I hear that little "beep beep" you hear in the cartoons. LOL

We do have roadrunners here...not in great abundance, really, but you see them running along the road (where else?) a few times a month.

A recent visitor to the veggie garden, by the way, has been a painted bunting. I don't know if we have only one painted bunting, or if I only see one at a time, but it or they come to the veggie garden daily.


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