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How to get rid of fungus gnats without pesticides

10 years ago

I know everyone has their way of getting rid of these annoying pests and I've tried many of them myself.

But I recently got another infestation from some new soil I bought but decided not to use pesticides to get rid of them this time.

CAUTION: Make sure your soil or pot doesn't contain combustible material or else do this outside.

What I tried this time was using a HEAT GUN!

It was very simple and didn't take very long. I turned my trusty heat gun to its max setting and held it about 1/2" above the soil. I can't express how pleasurable it was seeing those little annoying gnats try to fly away and burn up!

I did this outside to be on the safe side, but my pot is ceramic and the soil I bought doesn't have anything combustible in it.

I simply circled the gun around the plant twice. It took literally 1-2min to do this. I repeated this procedure every other day or so for about 2 weeks and , at least in my experience, it works! Of course, don't point the gun at your plant and be careful not to burn yourself.

I repeated it to get all of the population, which are most likely in different stages of their life cycle.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this method of killing annoying fungus gnats! It works very well, you just have heat treat the soil every day or so for 2 weeks to get all of them during different parts of their life cycle.

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