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Massive pest problem - Majesty Palm

13 years ago

Hi there! My name is Eirinn, and I have a huge pest problem on my Majesty Palm. As far as I would guess, the palm is about 3 years old and about 6 feet at its tallest point. It has 3 spikes that have yet to fully open. I would bet my money the spikes wonÂt open until I clear up my problem! They also have sustained damage.

There is a huge mess of spider mites along with some other problems. I also see webbing on a few of the very badly affected fronds. There are little white clusters large enough to see with the naked eye (but still fairly small) on the undersides of the fronds  I have read that spider mites can be various colors, including red or white. There is a lot of yellowing in the leaves, and I am getting tipping (the tips vary from brown to red to yellow in color). The leaves also look dirty and weak. When I shake the fronds over a piece of paper, little black specks drop off and run awayÂI believe the entire plant to be affected. This degree of damage is beyond my expertise!

I bought the plant back in April at Ikea for only $15. It was in a 10 inch pot and I repotted it into a 12 inch. I should have seen the tell tale signs of pests from the little pin pricks of damage on leaves and some yellowing. All told I have removed several fronds, probably about 5. This is my first palm plant! It sits in a western exposure, about 6 - 8 feet back from the window.

I am not familiar with types of pest control other than spraying the plant with a soap based spray. I made my own with some dish soap and water. I also mist the plant... That didnÂt seem to help any, and the problem has only gotten worse.

What type of pesticides can I use to kill the bugs?? Should I use a spray, or something to put into the soil itself? Does anyone know of a good place to go where they sell these items? Any help you can offer me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot!


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