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Tomato leaf curl, what next?

13 years ago

SIGH. I hate this weather, I really do.

So after the three days of lower temps, the tomatoes grew tons of new blossoms, but surprise surprise, none of them actually did anything. They're still green with no hint of turning yellow any time soon. So, I kinda gave up on expecting any real blossoms until fall probably.

NOW every single plant (except the smaller ones) have leaf-curl. There is no trace of bugs at all, and they're very healthy otherwise. The leaves are curling upwards. Some of them are so bad it looks like someone took a curling iron to them. It appears to only be on the older upper growth though. Everything on the bottom half and the new growth is just fine. On two of the plants some of the curled leaves turned yellow, so I removed them.

I have only slightly increased their water from what they've been getting regularly, trying to compensate for the heat. I can't figure out whats wrong, or what I should do.

Should I repot them? move them into the shade for a while? Is there some sort of magical cure for this? I'm just at a loss :( I refuse to let my babies wither away and die. I've worked so hard on them.

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