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Help! Tomato Leaf Curl! How & Why? What now? lol

12 years ago

Here is the info:

2 Plants - Burpee Golden Jubilee Tomatoes

1 Plant per 6.5 gal square planter from Home Depot. (I know they are Indet and should be in bigger pot)

Used Bonnie Herb and Vegetable 8-4-4 Plant Food 1/2 strength up until the 11th of May when I gave them full.

Maybe they are low on Nitrogen?

These guys were doing just fine up until last week. Started from the bottom and worked its way up. Now they look like they are dying. Still pretty green though.. Heres a Pic I took last week:


Is there any way that I can save them? Or should I take a loss and plant something else in there?

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