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undecided and overwhelmed with tree peony options

9 years ago

I just got a herbaceous peony 'flame' for mother's day and I was going to put it in a prime location outside my front window. However, I keep getting drawn to tree peonies. I started looking up some info on GW and didn't realize how much I didn't know.

I have three tree peonies that I planted in the last 4 or 5 years. The oldest one finally had it's first bloom on it last year and the newest one bloomed the first year I had it although the plant is the smallest. I don't know the names (2 yellow and one lavender).

Basically, I think I probably did a lot wrong with my existing TPs but I am going to leave them be for now.

I am leaning toward another TP and am willing to splurge for something great but don't know what to look for. Is the Itoh type better than the TP? I think I want something bright to go with the 'flame' and b/c I already have yellow and lavender. I'm open to any opinions.


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