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Last two weeks of September '09

14 years ago

Well, looks like you're all like me--suffering garden burn-out! We start off, usually when the snow's still on, planning and anticipating the spring and summer garden. Then, by late September, we're tired of fighting the bugs and weeds to harvest anymore. least, that describes me!!

It's been days since I've seen the sun, cloudy, windy, with rain, on and off.

Sweet Potatoes are about ready to dig, they've had their right amount of time, 120 days, but I guess I'd better give them until frost is predicted. I've dug 2, nice and big.

I finally have pictures of my amazing Dahlia, wish I knew how to post them--but on dial-up, that alone might take days. One stem will have a snow white bloom, one have 3 petals of burgandy, another, completely speckled, while a fourth is half and half. Gldno, guess I could e-mail them to you, but for some reason, my daughter's camera has shaded pink in.

Did anyone have tomato blight? Martha Stewart was talking about it, even. This year, I didn't--and I only had 3 horn worms in the garden. A plant on the deck has many tho.

Blister Bugs--only on one plant! I think this rainy cool weather even affected the pest population.

I've been picking Cantelope, but watermelons didn't do much.

I'm sure everyone has been checking in, and like me, just didnt have much to say--but you can ramble on--like me!!

Rock Guy--get all settled in?

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