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verbena (glandularia) canadensis blooming already

last month

Just want to say I love this plant. Mine started blooming nearly a week ago and will bloom until frost. There aren't many blooms yet since it's early but at least a few. Bonus - Butterflies like it. It's a low growing perennial native here in Missouri and tough enough to survive along roadsides, yet I've had some trouble getting it established. I rescued my start right before they poured a new parking lot for a McDonalds near me years ago. I thought it had died out at one point then spotted some leaves among the grass a few feet from my original start and transplanted it back into my garden. I'm underplanting a row of phlox paniculata with it and don't know how that will go. I hope it doesn't choke out the phlox. Has anyone used it as a ground cover around other perennials?

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