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Journal for Week of July 3rd

18 years ago

Hope everyone hasn't given up on our local journal......

Well, the 4th is over....only excitement here was listening to the neighbor's grandkids shooting off fireworks.

We didn't even have DH's parents out....I needed a few days to get back to normal after company and get caught up on the yard.

I spent the day pulling up dead and ugly looking things: larkspur, hollyhocks and bachelor buttons. Now my yard looks like a battle zone with these dead things lying in front of the beds, but I was so pooped out pulling them that they will have to wait until tomorrow to be removed. I also had to water again. Where does the moisture go?

Flowers blooming: phlox, a lily, gaillardias, asclepias, petunias, vinca, salvias, butterfly bushes, rose of sharon shrubs, shasta daisy Becky, daylilies, some rudbeckias, anthemis, one last hollyhock and snaps. Oh, I forgot, a few roses. I also plowed out the vacant space in the garden and the pumpkin patch and the new corn. The blasted red root pig weed is going crazy.

I am wondering if any of you have every hybridized your own daylilies. I think I am going to give it a try.

How is it going at your house?


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