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Three sisters and a good Veggie Gardening Book

14 years ago


I am new to your forum and fairly new to gardening. Last year was our first year to actually harvest anything. I homeschool our children and we did a unit on Native Americans. We decided to do a "Three Sisters" plot. (Corn, Green beans and Squash) I had planned on planting Zucchini and yellow squash but was told it was supposed to be a different kind of squash. We planted some spaghetti squash last year and it didn't do very well.

My question is what is the best squash or ground cover for the third "sister"? Is there something besides squash I could plant? What about sweet potato?

I have another question. Is there a really good gardening book for south/central Oklahoma? I would like it to cover just about everything. Is that too much to ask? :-)

Thanks in advance!

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