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Garden Progression far....

15 years ago

So Far So Good with using the great info available here from so many nice folks on the Garden Web.

4/20/07 - Where I wanted to put a garden:



4/21/07 - Got it in the ground:


5/02/07 - Coming along nicely:


5/14/07 - We made it through the Oklahoma monsoons!


5/21/07 - I got the first level of the cages in:


Here are some close-ups:

Cherokee Purple Heirloom


Arkansas Traveler Heirloom


Sun Sugar Hybrid Cherry


First Lady II Hybrid


Fort Laramie Strawberries


Ace Hybrid Red Bell Pepper


Valencia Hybrid Orange Bell Pepper


Italian Pepperonchini


Along the back fence there's some ground cover, flowers, decorative rock & a few more veggies


Here's some Carrots, Green onion, radishes & Cukes


Here's some flowers around the back yard:







I hope yall don't mind my indulgence, thanks to all the nice folks here for all the help....

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