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organic lawn care for dummies?

16 years ago

hi there,

i'm going to apologize in advance for my long post!

we moved into our house 4 yrs ago, and my husband has been "in charge" of the lawn care until this summer, when due to his busy work schedule i have taken it over. we have been using cgm for 3 yrs now, and have put down milky spore a couple times. for the most part, there have been no chemicals used, but we have been inconsistent with any treatments. the lawn looks ok, up until now i have been hand weeding pretty successfully. this summer has been a little busy, so the crab grass and the nutsedge have gotten a better hold than they used to have.

anyway, i've been learning alot from this board, but i'm wondering if there is some easy resource out there to help me with exactly what to do, when to do it, and where to get it, for the lawn. i tried to find a service that would come and do all the treatments for me, but with no luck. i don't mind doing it, but since i've created a monster with all the trees and shrubs i've planted, not to mention the fact that i canned the lawn mowing service last fall, i'm feeling a little overwhelmed by it all. (not to mention the fact that i have 2 children that need my attention!) i do also happen to be a bit stubborn, and would like to prove in my own quiet way to my scott's and chemlawn addicted neighbors that it can be done without chemicals. regarding the rest of the plantings, i use only organics, or nothing and have been pretty successful.

i live in new jersey, and i think our lawn is mostly kbg. we don't have that much yard, our whole lot is only about a quarter acre. i've been cutting it with a smith and hawken reel mower i picked up at a yard sale last fall, at the highest height it will go, which seems to be around 3". i am planning to take care of some of the weed patches soon and then will need to overseed this fall, especially in a few bad spots.

can anyone guide me? i just really want the basics for now, and then when i have more time next year i can step it up if needed.

thanks so much for reading thru this!

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