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Chemically Treated Lawn

11 years ago

I'm new to organic lawn care and need some advise. After a couple of years of damaging lawn disease and little help from the service I was using, I decided to educate myself and find my own solution.

A little history, I've been using chemicals on my lawn for approximately 10 years, I can honestly say I have never really been happy. For the last couple of years I've been fighting leaf spot and read thread, the advise from the service, the application we applied we help.

Through my own education, it sounds like my soil is what they call "sterile" or very little microbial activity. As I understand it, healthy soil will fight these pathogens. So my first thought was to start increasing the microbial activity using organics, the problem I have is 39000Sq.Ft. of lawn, that is a lot of compost!

So I need some advice, how do I get started on reversing my chemically treated lawn? Would chicken poop be a good start, my local feed company sells it in bulk for a reasonable price, what about a soil activator?

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