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Which native wildflowers have you planted?

16 years ago

Well, I've already learned so much during my two days of Gardenweb, what a great place!

So, I have another question:

Are any of you native plant enthusiasts? I would like to landscape my entire yard with plants that are native to the Ozarks. Since I happen to be a botanist by profession, I can RECOGNIZE all of the native plants. However, that doesn't mean I know diddly about how to actually GROW any of them!! : ) I would be interested in hearing success stories (and failures) of different native plants that any of you have tried growing in landscaping.

Especially useful would be info about whether they "behave" well as landscape plants (too agressive, too spindly, etc.) Also, it would be useful to know if the seed you used actually came from Ozarks plants. For instance, you can buy Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea) seeds and they can be labelled as native seed, but the supplier might have actually gotten them from a prairie in Iowa!) And maybe info about the location where you've planted them.

Thanks to anyone with insights and experience to share.

Botnerd (newbie)

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