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Future plant swaps, discussions

18 years ago

Is the idea of spring and fall swaps better than just having one or the other?

Are the dates too early or too late?

Now remember this is a question, so lets not kill the messenger.

The reason I ask, because of cutting and scion material not being mature enough to collect for sticking cuttings for the spring swap.

Example is, stem cuttings will produce many more plants with out having to dig, divide and replant. Not for all plants but surely for many. aster, mums, phlox, sedums, penstemon, gaura, willows, shrubs and some trees.

I would rather swap cutting materials. A stem of Penstemon Huskers Red can be easily rooted at every pair of leaves. 8-10 rooted cuttings. and no digging !!!!!! I don't loose any flowering either.

Any thoughts on this. I know its early, so if this thread gets lost should it merit a discussion later when its cold and snowy.

AND what about a New England wide swap, just once in a while? Not to eliminate any other swaps but to get to meet others.

Too much, too soon, and not cold enough yet?

Remember don't kill the messenger, he's only asking a question.


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