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suggestion for future swaps

17 years ago

I would like to make a suggestion for the next swap if I could. And it is just a suggestion, if you all don't agree, that's okay too.

As much fun as it is to have everyone talk a little about what they brought to share, I found it confusing to remember which plants were where when it came time to choose what I wanted. When all was said and done, I had made a mental note of several plants I wanted to get, but when it came to making the rounds, I couldn't remember who brought them, and there was so much variety, I couldn't remember all the ones I was interested in.

I would like to suggest that we place like plants together. Hostas in one spot, yarrows in another, roses over there, campanulas over here, etc. That way we know how many of each we have so if there are several people interested, they all may get one, and there is less running around looking in vain for the plant we knew we just had to have.

Anyone else find that confusing at the swap? Any other ideas to make it flow more smoothly?


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