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Future Plant Swap ??? Your Opinion, please!

14 years ago

Todd (Tedevore) mentioned the "plant swap" he attended at Aldridge Botanical Gardens a couple of weeks ago. Would 'we' be interested in trying to arrange a future plant swap at ABG and coordinate our swap with their program? I could contact ABG, explain how we handle swaps and see if they are interested in hosting something similar. There would be details to work out but we could probably get a lot of new swappers and get some new stuff. The ABG has a free sign-up for their website where you can make comments, etc. I haven't fully explored the possibilities but I am still studying the website and comments. The very first step might be to invite Larry Quick the ABG director and Steve Bender of Southern Living to attend one of our swaps. I'm just throwing this out as an idea. What do you think?

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