When buying hybrids, buy the flower or buy several of them.

7 years ago

Unless it's a division or meristem clone, you don't know what you are getting when you purchase a complex hybrid. A friend of mine who is into Paphs always buys 4 seedlings, keeps the best one when they bloom and puts the others on the Silent Auction table. A complex hybrid is one where there are a multitude of parents each of which ads to the mix and can penetrate. I have a number of Masdies and have take pictures of some, 2 of each with identical tags. Compare the flowers. If you ordered a plant on the internet using the name only, you could have gotten either or even something else.

The first one is Masd (Patricia Hill x Susan Kha) Patricia Hill is made by crossing ignea x welschii, Susan Kha is a cross between ignea and Masd Chinese new Year. Assuming Chinese New Year has 2 different parents, there are 4 different ancestors giving this plant it's appearance.


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