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greenhouses - do most people have them?

17 years ago

Hello, I'm new to the PNW and this gardening climate. I've just moved to the metro Portland area and will be looking to buy a house in the suburbs, probably, where I can have somewhat of a backyard.

While looking at houses I've seen a few that have small greenhouses in the yards. I'm wondering if they're considered rather necessary here, to keep plants thriving in the cold weather and to start seedlings.

I keep hearing that Oregon's garden scene is similar to England's, and I'm under the impression that most gardeners in England have greenhouses.

Someone told me an alternative to a standard greenhouse is a hoophouse. What do you think of them?

I'm going to look for some books at the library on gardening in the northwest and will be reading the local newspaper articles too. I just left southern California - I'm glad to be in a wetter climate but I know I'll have to learn a whole new way here.

Thank you -


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