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What happened in your garden this week (August 29th?)

17 years ago

Weeding, weeding and more weeding... I am preparing space for transplants (Siberian Irises, peonies, and daffodils to come later). I discovered in the process that three of my grapes have survived, and one even has fruit. It's not ripe yet, and I am not sure how I will protect it against the squirrels.

I have discovered a pocket of Japanese Beetles, which I crush with delight in the evenings. We've been lucky with the JBs this year.

And it finally rained yeterday, 1.6 inches. Where I am, I have managed to avoid all rain storms this summer, so this is very welcome. Waiting for more today.

What happened in your garden this week?


Belle Isis

PS: sorry: it seems (on my screen at least) that some words in this post are underlined. I don't know what is happening...

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