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What happened in your garden this week, May 29th?

16 years ago

Sorry for the late posting. This week, the main task was to get rid of unwanted weed trees (maples and elms) and bushes, which were crowding the stone walls, and with which I should have dealt a couple years ago already. It looks much nicer this way.

Then much time was spent pruning the lilacs which just finished blooming, and I am still not finished with it. It's more than pruning, really, I do a lot of "rejuvenating", for lack of a better word.

Mowing, and compost making, adding the tree leaves from last year to the grass clippings. The compost is hot! Sometimes, I have to take my hand out of it. It's a pleasure to see it work so well this year.

I saw a raccoon this week in my garden, rather close to the house. It's the first time I see one here (I have seen foxes and wild turkeys and skunks and blue herons before, but never a raccoon). What is the chance that it has rabies, if I see it in the middle of the day?

Thank you Chelone and Mayalena for your vote of confidence, but there are many people on this site way more qualified than I am. Truth is that I am absolutely swamped whis year, and I have really little time to enjoy Gardenweb, and even my garden! I read a bit, but nowhere near as much as I have been able to do in the past years. I hope things slow down a bit by the fall, but for the moment, I have to keep a low profile. But I enjoy reading you!!

What happened in your garden this week?


Belle Isis

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