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Pond & patio are finished... almost

12 years ago

My husband made me promise that this was our last big project. Here are our new little pond, waterfall and patio. About 10 feet to the left of the cyprus mulch pathway, our lot drops down 60 feet to the shore of a lake, so this what constitutes our backyard.


The weirdly shaped patio made with old pavers that were dug up from Lake Street in Minneapolis when it was repaved years ago. Some still have the marks from the streetcar tracks on them. That narrow strip of diagonal dirt between the patio and the dry creek will be filled with Golden Scepter. They were supposed to be planted last night, but I had to work late.


A detail of the patio showing some of the crazy shapes we had to cut the pavers into.


The view of the pond from above on our deck. Two of the 12 goldfish we put in about three weeks ago are still alive.


Thanks for looking. Lois

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