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Spring Hill Grab Bag Humor

12 years ago

All of you experienced gardeners, begin chuckling now! :)

I ordered a Spring Hill Nursery grab bag this year in addition to some other plants (delayed until fall.) The grab bag came today. I live in New Hampshire on the north side of hill at about 800 feet in elevation. There are a substantial number of days where the high temp hovers in the mid-20s during the winter.

So this is what I got:

- a pineapple plant

- Queen of the Praire (the information that I've read seems to say that this Illinois wildflower will best grow in the upper midwest)

- Cranberry Crush Hibiscus - maybe this will grow?

- Magic Touch Dahila - I've never tried to grow dahlias but I suppose I'll give it a try

- Mary Poppins Azelea - zones 6-8, 4'-10' tall

- Hinode-giri Azelea - zones 7-9, about 2' tall

- tradescantia Blushing Bride - I had hopes for this but there seems to be some disagreement about whether it's a zone 6-9 or a zone 4-9 plant

As far as I an tell, I can probably grow one or two of these varieties. Maybe two. Maybe I'll try to save some and bring them to Georgia relatives when we visit this summer.


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