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My 'Final' 2011 Tomato Grow List

13 years ago

This list has changed a bit since I first made my list in November, but I think it is pretty firm at this point. I dropped some late-season tomatoes because I'm expecting drought (unless La Nina suddenly goes away) and that means it will be hard to get a good crop from late-season tomatoes. I also added quite a few new container types because I'll have window boxes to fill on the south wall of the sunporch and added some new (to me) processing types from Franchi-Simenti Seeds because I need more, more, more salsa type tomatoes for canning.

I have left space (in my mind, if not in the ground) for whatever interesting varieties I might get via the seed swap or from my Tomato Seed Guardian Angel (he knows who he is).

So, here's the list. I've tried my best to categorize them by types since that might help others understand why those particular tomatoes are on the list. Also, I've added a lot more hybrids because they produce much more heavily in drought than many of the heirloom types we love. (We've had two good rainy years in Love County and it is inconceivable we'd have a third rainy year in a row, so I can't see 2011 being anything other than drought.)


1. Tumbling Tom Red (red)

2. Tumbling Tom Yellow (yellow)

3. Tumbling Tom Yellow Jr. (yellow)

4. Tumbling Tiger (bicolor)

5. Rambling Red Stripe (bicolor)

6. Pear Drops (yellow)

7. Sweet 'N Neat Scarlet (red)

8. Sweet 'N Neat Yellow (yellow)

9. Red Robin (red)

10. Orange Canary (orange)

11. Yellow Canary (yellow)


12. New Big Dwarf (pink)

13. Nebraska Wedding (orange)

14. Bush Goliath (red)

15. Cluster Goliath (red)

16. Early Goliath (red)

17. Goliath (red)

18. Azoychka (yellow)

19. Russian Red (red)

20. Marmande (red)

21. Moskvich (red)

22. Jaune Flammee' (orange)

23. Black Plum (black)

24. Southern Night (black)


For sauces and salsas

25. Heidi

26. Santa Clara Canner

27. Heinz 1439

28. Scatalone (Franchi-Sementi Seed)

29. San Marzano Redorta (Franchi-Sementi Seed)

30. Astro Hybrid (Franchi-Sementi Seed)

31. Red Pear (Franchi-Sementi Special Selection Seed)(This is a large red pear, similar to "Goldman's Italian American", not a small bite-sized red pear like "Red Pear".)

BITE-SIZED TYPES (CHERRY, PEAR, CURRANT OR GAPE SHAPES). We grow these for fresh eating, snacking while working in the garden, and for dehydrating for winter tomatoes.

32. Black Cherry (black)

33. SunGold (golden orange)

34. Mountain Magic (red)

35. Matt's Wild Cherry (red)

36. Sara's Galapagos (red)

37. Sweet Pea Currant (red)

38. Tess's Land Race Currant (red)

39. Sweet Treats (pink)

40. Ildi (yellow)


Black Types:

41. Gary O' Sena

42. True Black Brandywine

43. Black Krim

44. Indian Stripe

45. J. D.'s Special C-Tex

Purple & Pink Types:

46. Dora

47. Dana's Dusky Rose

48. Pruden's Purple

49. Cherokee Purple

50. Haley's Purple Comet

51. Evan's Purple Pear

52. Mortgage Lifter

53. Traveler 76

Yellows and Oranges:

54. Russian Persimmon

55. Valencia

56. Tangerine

57. Taxi

58. Dr. Wyche's Yellow

59. Sunny Goliath (if backordered seed arrives)


60. Burpee's Globe

61. Brandywine Liam's

62. Pear Goliath

63. Italian Goliath

64. Prime Beef Goliath


65. Speckled Roman

66. Large Barred Boar

67. Beauty King

68. Michael Pollan

69. AAA Sweet Solana

70. Red Boar

71. Pork Chop

72. Black & Brown Boar

73. Pink Boar

In the Chocolate Garden (along with chocolate flowers and chocolate peppers)

74. Chocolate Cherry

75. Chocolate Stripes

That's it folks! I've shown you my list. Now, show me yours. And, in answer to the obvious question, I do not have space to plant all these, but I always find a way somehow.

This list does not include the extra-early plants I'll buy in Dallas in February, transplant into containers, and grow strictly for early production.


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