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Oklahoma Deer

11 years ago

OK. I am sure, by now, that it is obvious that I am a transplanted "city gal". I have years and years and years (never mind) of experience in flower gardening and know my perennials, annuals, sun-loving, shade-loving, drought tolerant, fragrant, butterfly/hummingbird attracting, tall, short, etc. plants pretty well and have had to deal with mostly clay soil and invasive Bermuda everywhere I've lived, BUT, I have NEVER had to deal with DEER. All of my life, I have thought they were adorable, and I have a "live and let live" attitude about wildlife, BUT, with another growing season rapidly approaching and Spring Fever coarsing through my bones, I can hardly wait to get back outside and get dirt under my fingernails. Between the incredible "furnace" Summer and the deer last year, I had really sad looking flower beds. I have already yanked out plants, such as roses and daylilies that seemed to be at the top of the deer menu and planted a few cacti and succulents, but am wanting some attractive blooming plants that don't, neccessarily, appeal to deer or rabbits. I have searched the Internet, which tells me that different deer have different appetites, so, my question to those of you who are familiar with the Zone 7 deer, is what are some deer resistant, blooming plants, as I simply don't have the budget for electric or very tall fencing. Sprays didn't seem to do much good last year. I do so want flower beds that are healthy and eye-appealing! Country gardening is a definite challenge. I have all kinds of respect for rural gardeners, and the pioneers who fought the elements and the "critters" and settled this country!


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