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Please critique my backyard design

15 years ago

I posted this in the design forum, but thought that I might get more pertinent information regarding plant choice, etc from the NW board. I'm located in the Bothell area on the east side of a large hill.

I just took a satellite photo of our house and overlayed what I want to do with the yard. I should have included a key. The only things that are currently planted in the yard are the rhodies, the cherry and the grass.

The bright pink are the existing, mature rhododendrons.

The light pink is our cherry tree(it's still quite small)

The dark brown is the fence and the two covered decks

The light brown is my proposed deck to link the two existing ones

The black rectangle to the right is a neighbor's window that I'm trying to screen

The orange is Mock Oranges

The Red is Arbutus Unedo (strawberry tree)

The purple is lilacs

The dark pink in the upper left corner are my 2 raspberry bushes

The blue are raised veggie/fruit beds

The grey is a gravel path

The green is grass

The translucent green are trees on the neighbor's property.

The bottom is south, top is north, the whole yard is pretty much full sun from 11 to 5-6 at night.

These are just my initial plantings for this year to get started on screening out the neighbor's view of our yard and our view of their house. Next year I'm going to do the next step down by planting smaller shrubs, and the following year I'll place most of my ground covers and whatnot.

A few photos of the back yard - we just bought the house in Autumn, I tore out a ton of vinca minor and I'm having several yards of topsoil delivered in a couple weeks.






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