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I started ANOTHER 2 beds. I need some input:

16 years ago

Well, I've begun expanding my gardens! I have my hosta garden in the back left corner of my lot and a sun garden in the back right corner. I have planned on linking them up this fall and have started the process. It's about 50-60 feet wide

The boundaries are defined and I sprayed Roundup to kill the grass. I did that on Sunday, I think, and it's working pretty well.

I was wondering what y'all think I should do from here. I don't plan on busting the sod and due to some neighboring tree roots, tilling them in would be difficult too. So, I was thinking I would lay newspaper, but only if necesary!

Here are my questions:

Do you think I need to lay newspaper? Or should I just mulch right over the dead grass?

When do you think it's safe to plant? I've read that 2 weeks after RoundUp is ok, but I certainly don't want to kill any of my new hosta purchases.

Here in the Twin Cities, how late do you think it's safe to plant? Most of my plants look pretty good, but I do have 15-20 TC's I need to plant too.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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