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How do you keep your hosta's looking beautiful?

8 years ago

My hostas look pretty poor compared to the pictures many of you proud owners post. One big pest is carpenter ants, the other I'm guessing is slugs, and finally my husband!

I'd like to stay as organic as possible, but I'm not opposed to using a pesticide if necessary. Also, what do you all advise for fertilizer and how often. I have not fed my plants at all this year, but most are planted in rich black Iowa dirt.

To my defense, I did not care much about my hosta's until my husband started expanding our driveway, adding retaining walls, making gravel pathways, and bringing in mounds of dirt. With all this nonsense came moving plants and I might add ... not so nicely. I had not choice but to come to the rescue.

I have since found this forum and have come to enjoy my new gardening hobby, that is now centered around hostas. You all provide a wealth of information. I look forward to logging on everyday!!

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