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How often do you up-pot your hosta?

8 years ago

This thread is for Josephine.

Jo, I don't up-pot my hosta very often. I also don't change the soil very often. I find that hosta are very forgiving of neglect. I wait for the pot to get really full and then I just knock off the loose dirt and put some new soil in the bottom and fill in the holes. About 15 years of doing that can leave you with a mess. I have photos of my oldest hosta knocked out of the pot and the soil washed off. I'll look for the photos and post them.

If I remember correctly, Babka waits until they almost break the pot. She doesn't change the soil. She is good to fertilize regularly, though. (I'm not very regular at that either.)

Steve Mass changes out the soil in his pots pretty regularly. He may tell us more about his.

Chris from Hallson's says that hosta like to root bound.

Maybe Pieter will chime in. He does lots of pots. He shows up occasionally.

Then there's Mocc. She may have the record on pot farming.

We have lots of experienced hosta pot heads out there. Maybe this will get you some answers.


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