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Retail employees--how do you keep your cool?

17 years ago

Does it seem there is never enough time or employees every year during the spring rush? Does any garden center ever have enough employees? How do you do it all in 40 hrs. a week? Because I can't remember having a full day off in the last couple weeks, even though I'm to keep it to 40 (I end up working half days on the weekends).

How do you manage to give great customer service when there are a hundred other things waiting to be done--like ordering more stock? Without which you're going to be hard pressed to offer plants for sale? Or how about overseeing what you're growing? And merchandising? Hah! And the phone calls...

Any brilliant suggestions? Maybe chocolate is the answer. I don't drink. Well, maybe I need to buy a blender and whip up a chi-chi or two each evening.

wilted viola

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