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Help Save My Hostas! :)

12 years ago

Ok, I need some good solid advice from those of you that have saved hostas from crown rot. I noticed a few weeks ago one of my hostas was looking yellow, and lower leaves were mushy with little orangey round things. Ok, so I diagnosed it as crown rot. It was one of my smaller ones so I wasn't too concerned.

This morning I was cleaning out my flower beds, and have come across LOTS of crown rot. And not just my small ones, my beautiful mature hostas are like half rotted! I am heartbroken. I started growing these 7 years ago, and have never had any issues other than slugs.

I have read that really prolonged hot, humid, rainy weather will sometimes cause this. This is all the weather we have had since late May. Anyway, I have been skipping around old posts here reading about crown rot, trying to find the right solution.

My plan has been for a while to move most of my hostas from the front and side of my house to the back(where there is more shade). We have had some trees removed from the front yard, and the hostas have been taking some pretty hot direct sun, and showing it. So should I move them immediately or should I try to kill the fungus first?

What steps should I take? They will all be going to a freshly built,raised flower beds around some Oak and Maple trees around back...I hope I can save them!

Thanks in Advance!


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