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no experience but want a container fruit,veg,patio garden

15 years ago

Hello, I've started reading about gardening and even over the years have tried to read enough to grow houseplants, but I have not understood most of what is there. I can look up all the individual words, but I'm really lost. My two most recent recruits are not well.

What I'd like to know now is how to start on a new project of container gardening if I have a sunny patio and not much money or physical strength and want to grow vegetables (tomatoes, carrots, and more) on my enclosed patio. I have no outdoor gardening experience.

As usual, I see many things that confuse me, for example, do i need to create a compost bin in my tiny studio apartment? Do you grow everything from seeds? where do i get all the containers? what the heck is mulch (iow, is that something i do or buy?). Plus i see comments about planting early and late and don't have any idea what timing this refers to.

It seems overwhelming. So, perhaps just poking around the boards starts to make this all clear. I guess my biggest worry is about going to a store with a shopping list - and doing a combination of overspending and getting frustrated looking for things that don't even exist for sale!

Well, i got glowing recommendations that GardenWeb is a great place for new gardeners so here i am, giving it another chance.

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