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First time gardener- whole container garden seems to be dying! :(

12 years ago

Hi, as I said this is my first time attempting a veggie garden. I have 3 wooden container gardens, two of them measuring 3x3, and the 3rd measuring 4x6. In the 4x6 I have a Waimanalo eggplant from transplant that I bought at a local garden center, some green onions, pole beans, okra, parsley transplant, basil transplant, squash, and a Japanese cucumber transplant. All of the transplants in this bed are from the same garden center. They have been fine for about 2 weeks now, seemed to be growing fine & have get plenty of sunshine and water. I have been watering daily, is that too much? Anyhow, a couple days ago my eggplant started looking really unhappy. It got some holes in the leaves & they began to droop & turn brown & dead looking. My cucumber was next, same scenario, but with no holes in leaves. Then my parsley & basil started dying out of nowhere it seems. The only bugs I've seen around my gardens are little hovering swarms of tiny little gnat looking things? I thought at first they might be the culprit, so I sprayed the plants down with an organic soap insecticide (which did help my peppers in one of the other beds because they had holes as well, and I've not noticed any new ones since). But now my eggplant looks very dead. I'm not so invested in it because I have some from seed that I have in my greenhouse, so today I dug it up partially & to my surprise I noticed several tiny orange balls mingled in with the roots. Is this some sort of insect larvae? Could this be what is killing my garden? Please help! I have no idea what this could be.

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