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Whole tomato garden dying...Help!!

10 years ago

I am so bummed!! Feeling really really defeated.
This is my 13th year growing tomatoes. Every year I grow between 12 and 15 heirloom tomato plants and every year there comes a point where my plants start turning yellow and dying or just withering and dying. Every year I try and diagnose what the problem is and try a different method to keep it from happening. I live in Los Angeles and have a small plot of land on which to grow. It is a long stretch along the side of the house. It is the only usable land on the property for growing. This year I have 13 plants...10 in ground and 3 in containers. I began treating them when I planted out in March with a weekly rotation of sprays. Copper fungicide one week, then a mix of Actinovate and Excel-LG the next, and sprayed diligently every week. I also gave them a root soak with the Actinovate when I planted to help inoculate them. The plants were looking amazing!!! They were about 8 feet tall and all producing fruit. Fruits just started ripening over the past couple of weeks and then...BOOM!! Plants start falling apart. Some are yellowing from the lower leaves up with brown spots. Some are just withering and drying up from the lower leaves up. It is happening to both the plants in ground and containers. The containers are also new this year. I can't figure out what is causing this and what to do, if anything. At the rate that they are decaying, I figure I might have a month left before they are all destroyed.
As I said....I'm so bummed. I feel like giving up on this whole gardening thing. I thought I was doing so well this year protecting them.
Any thoughts or suggestions?
Thanks Don

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